The Noble Wedding and a 'Heroic' Nuisance

Duke Simon Arden and his bride-to-be, a simple peasant girl named Beatrice, had recently returned from their engagement tour of the countryside. Their wedding was rudely interrupted by the banished 'hero' Ross, last seen crashing Simon and Beatrice's engagement feast at the 2013 Madrigal.

Ross lost many followers in the ensuing match of combat chess. Ross was taken prisoner, but escaped shortly afterwards. He infiltrated the nuptials, dressed as the priest, and was challenged to a final game of combat chess by Simon. If Ross won, he could have Beatrice.

Ross lost, of course, and realized that he had become the villain of the story. The hero always wins, and Beatrice and Simon exchanged vows.

The Medieval & Renaissance Faire at The Ohio State University was held on Saturday, April 5, 2014, from 11 a.m. until 6 p.m. on the South Oval.

The Council for the Medieval and Renaissance Faire thanks all who attended, as well as the vendors, the performers, the volunteers from AnimePunch and the Medieval and Renaissance Performers' Guild who helped make the Faire a success. Join us next year in the fall for Madrigal!

Presented with generous assistance from the performers of:
The Medieval and Renaissance Performers Guild.

Do you want to get involved in future Council productions?

Performers: The Council hires outside performers, including singers, musicians, sword fighters, comedy acts, stunt acts, and many more. Ohio State students perform at Faire as well, including the Medieval and Renaissance Performer's Guild and the Society for Creative Anachronism.
If you're interested in performing at future Faires, contact our Performer Coordinator.

Vendors: Faire vendors sell all sorts of period wares. Merchants sell everything from period clothing and swords, to candles and incense, to jewelry and masks, to stuffed creatures and fairy wands. Follow your nose to the smoked turkey stand!
If you wish to vend at Faire next year, contact our Vendor Coordinator.

Advertising: The Faire Program, distributed at Faire, contains information about performers, vendors, shows, and ads from area businesses. Ad sales directly support Council's operating costs, and help ensure the success of Faire.
For more information on advertising, please contact our advertising coordinator.

Madrigal: The Faire Council also puts on an annual Madrigal Feast with the help of the Medieval and Renaissance Performer's Guild. This tradition started in winter 2002, and has been going strong since. Guild provides the performers, while Council organizes the site, food, ticket sales and seating. The Madrigal Feast is dinner theatre that sets the plot for Faire in an evening of period songs, dances, and dinner. Its location and date are subject to change each year.

Catalog of past Faires

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