Past Faires

CMRF has run Faire since 1974, or thenabouts. This is a history of some of the more recent Faires.


The Noble Wedding and a 'Heroic' Nuisance - April 5, 2014

Duke Simon Arden and his bride-to-be, a simple peasant girl named Beatrice, had recently returned from their engagement tour of the countryside. Their wedding was rudely interrupted by the banished 'hero' Ross, last seen crashing Simon and Beatrice's engagement feast at the 2013 Madrigal.

Ross lost many followers in the ensuing match of combat chess. Ross was taken prisoner, but escaped shortly afterwards. He infiltrated the nuptials, dressed as the priest, and was challenged to a final game of combat chess by Simon. If Ross won, he could have Beatrice.

Ross lost, of course, and realized that he had become the villain of the story. The hero always wins, and Beatrice and Simon exchanged vows.


Dance with Death: A Fine Knight to Die - Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sir Alexander Bjornscar and his squire had recently stumbled back from the crusades, just in time for the Spring Festival. Alexander continually bemoaned the hardships he had to endure: the fighting, the bad cooking, and the lack of doilies. His squire disagred, glad she finally had a chance to fight. She had to save her knight's life many times. Many, many times. However, Death had planned for Alexander to die during the crusades and was not pleased. Disguised as the king's messenger, Death traveled to the festival, intent on killing the knight....


The Heirs of Charlemagne: Lothar's Revenge - May 5, 2012


A Pirate Affair: To Loot, Shoot and Fall in Love - May 7, 2011


If the Crown Fits: The Making of a Champion - May 1, 2010

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