The Midwinter Madrigal Feast will be held Friday and Saturday, November 11 and 12. For more information and to order tickets, click here.

The Medieval & Renaissance Faire at The Ohio State University will be held April 1, 2017, and will take place from 11 a.m. until 6 p.m. on the OSU Mirror Lake, South Oval and West Lawn areas. The theme and title of the event have not been announced.

Each year, the Medieval and Renaissance Faire brings merriment and revelry to the South Oval of The Ohio State University. Since 1974, we've filled the South Oval with dancing and swordplay, merchants and minstrels, acrobats and storytellers. Admission is completely free, and it's always a wonderful way to spend a spring-time Saturday afternoon. So, grab a freshly roasted turkey leg, don your dazzling noble garb, strap on your trusty sword, or simply throw on a T-shirt and jeans and come see what we're all about!

Admission is free. Faire will take place, rain or shine, on the South Oval. Daring duelists, talented musicians, and amazing acting troupes from across the land have been assembled for your pleasure to perform their acts on more than seven stages across the grounds of the Faire. Additionally, a great number of fine merchants and craftsmen will also gather to the site, selling everything from weaponry and handmade jewelry, to T-shirts and children's toys.

  • Driving Directions:  How to get to the Faire 
  • The South Oval of OSU:  Where the Faire is Held
  • Rules and Regulations:  Pets are allowed on leashes, Weapons must be sheathed and peace-tied (no drawn weapons are allowed on site, other than those that are being used by performers in CMRF-approved shows), No open containers of alcohol are allowed on campus grounds.

Things to See and Do at the Renaissance Faire at OSU:

With dashing swordfights, wandering minstrels, renditions of Shakespeare, daring acrobats, singing, dancing, comedy, drama, and Human Combat Chess, the Faire at OSU is a very difficult place to be bored.
Our Merchants sell everything from actual swords and chain mail armor, to handmade jewelry and children's fairy wings.
Games & Historical Demonstrations
Historical groups from around Ohio come to the Faire to bring the Renaissance alive. You can watch the blacksmith, learn to wield a pike at the german mercenary camp, and much more. Our non-historical games section includes such fun as NERO, where you may valiantly duel your friends with padded 'boffer' swords. Click above for a list of this year's games and demos.

Faire Was Brought to You by:

Many different OSU departments and organizations are represented at the Medieval and Renaissance Faire (for instance, the Pagan Student Organization offers free tarot readings, and the Arts and Sciences Council runs demonstrations of Renaissance board games). However, there are two OSU student organizations that work together throughout the year to create the Faire. The Council for the Medieval and Renaissance Faire organizes and funds the Faire, and the Guild of Medieval and Renaissance Performers teaches students period dances, music, history, stage combat and improv theater, and prepares a number of performances for the Faire.

Both organizations also work frequently with the community. The Guild has done a number of performances for the Columbus public libraries, Columbus area Girl Scout troupes, the Buckeyethon charity dance marathon, and other community organizations across Columbus. The Council works with a number of Ohio historical societies and offers free information tables at the faire to university and community groups, such as the Santa Maria and the OSU Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies.

We are always happy to have new members and make new contacts, so if you are interested in becoming involved with the faire, feel free to contact us. The Council's website is:, and the Guild's website is

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